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Freeze warning and Pools

Information how to prepare your bodies of water to minimize damage during cold weather.

If you have water in your pool: Moving water does not freeze! 

  • Make certain your pool pump is running constantly. If you have a VFD that slows your pool flow down for certain hours make sure to adjust for full flow during freezing temperatures. 
  • Make sure your pool is clean from debris. You do not want any leaves or other debris blocking skimmers, main drains, inlets, etc. Flow is very important during freezing weather. 
  • Backwash your filter to make sure flow is at optimum level. 
  • Maintain proper water level.
  • Valve off and drain any plumbing lines that do not have a continuous flow. I.e. Backwash lines, heater lines (if not a continuous flow), water features, etc… 
  • If you have booster pumps or feature pumps that are not on continuous flow, drain them with the drain plug and don’t forget to make sure the filter basket is drained and the lid is loosened. 
  • If you are not able to drain any pipe or pump that does not have continuous flow, wrap with electrical heat strips, insulation or blanket to keep in heat. 

Controllers: As long as pools stay in flow, everything should be fine. If the pool loses flow, you need to drain supply and return lines. Remove probes and store in water in climate controlled location. 

Chemical Pumps: Acid and liquid chlorine will freeze. Acid at 32 degrees and liquid chlorine at 5 degrees. Make sure all chemicals are drained from tubing and store Stenner pumps in climate controlled locations. 

Chlorine Cal hypo Feeders: Need to make sure all tubing and piping is drained or covered with a blanket, heat strips, etc.. to keep in heat. NO STANDING WATER LEFT IN FEEDER. 

If you have no water in your pool: Drain Drain Drain. 

  1. Make sure all pipes and pumps are drained. 
  2. Bring in all controllers, chemical pumps, and feeders to climate controlled location. 
  3. Open all valves and loosen all lids to make sure air can flow through pipes. 


  • Unplug or turn off circuit breaker to any electrical equipment so when power comes back on nothing gets a surge. 
  • Open up filter air bleed valve on filter to allow any air to release.
  • Remove all drain plugs from pumps, filter, heater, etc.. to remove any excess standing water from pipes.
  • Cover pipes, filters, pumps, with blankets, insulation or heat strips to keep from freezing.

*Always check with local and state health department codes. 


Download information sheet HERE