General Cleaning for Pools, Spas & Other Bodies of water.

Here are some tip & tricks for cleaning your pool.

*always follow local and state health codes

Download PDF HERE

Cleaning off Debris on top of Pool

Use a long-handled reaching pole and leaf skimmer to gather up leaves, insects and any other debris floating on the surface.

Try to remove all debris before it sinks to the bottom of your pool. Once debris sinks it can become difficult to remove or cause staining on the bottom of your pool. . 

Consider trimming any trees or vegetation around the body of water to keep from getting leaves, sticks, etc.. into pool. 

This should be done daily/ multiple times a day depending on bather load/ weather. 

Cleaning Walls/Brushing Bottom

Use a brush to scrub and remove dirt that has collected on the sides and bottom of the pool. 

Make sure to scrub ladders, steps, slides, water line, and any accessories that are underwater.

Brush all dirt, sediment, or debris towards the main drain so it can be vacuumed up. 

This should be done multiple times a week or daily depending on bather load. 

Cleaning Skimmer Baskets

Remove skimmer cover 

Remove skimmer basket and empty out debris.

Check water level to make sure water level is more than halfway the skimmer to make sure debris is collected effectively. 

This should be done daily depending on bather load/ weather.

Vacuum- Automatic

Plug in vacuum: electric or specific location in pool

Set in water

Allow enough time for the vacuum to cover the whole pool. 

Types of Automatic Vacuums

Robotic- Plug in and works off electricity to move around pool. Completely separate from existing filtration system.

Pressure- uses pressure from existing filter line to move vacuum around pool. 

Suction- uses water flow from existing filter system. Attaches to a dedicated suction port or skimmer. 

This should be done at least once a week depending on bathing load

Vacuum- Manual 

Submerge vacuum head and hose in pool.

Hook vacuum head and hose into existing filter or external filter. 

Move vacuum head across bottom of pool. Move slowly and overlap your lines to ensure you are covering the whole pool and picking up as much debris as possible.

This should be done at least once a week depending on bathing load