How to take a Body of Water out of service on VivoPoint

Here are step by step instructions on how to take your body of water out of service.

If your Body of water is going to be closed for a length of time due to:

  • Seasonal body of water and out of season
  • Maintenance or construction on the body of water for more than a 24 hour period

1) Log into your VivoPoint account. 

2) Navigate to the property page by clicking the property name (Ex: Vivo Hotel).

3) Click "profile"

4) Click on profile and scroll down to systems, click on the red water drop next to the system you want to put out of service 

5) You will be asked to provide a reason and estimate the return date. After filling out push confirm. Be as accurate as possible. 

5) Your body of water should be out of service


Why does it matter? 

*Out of service keeps from decreasing your water safety score when that body of water is not in use.

*Out of service does not transmit information to VivoPoint. 

*Out of service is a great way to communicate to everyone that something is happening to your pool. 


Caution in using out of service! 

*Do not use out of service if the pool is open to patrons. If the pool is out of service it is not communicating with VivoPoint and if an incident happens at your pool we have no records on what happened with the water.  

*Do not use out of service for offline issues- we already know offline issues do not impact your score and we need to know when the controller goes back online to troubleshoot issues. If your pool is out of service we do not know when it goes back online. 

*Do not use out of service to boost water safety scores- when a pool is out of service it is not transporting information to vivopoint..


Do not forget to put them back in service (the same way you took them out) as soon as you reopen that body of water!