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Hurricane Preparation

Here are some tips to protect your pool and equipment when a tropical storm or hurricane is headed your way.

  • Trim nearby trees and bushes: dead trees or limbs can fall and crush pools, pumps, and equipment. 
  • Store loose items around the pool: Chairs, tables, umbrellas, cleaning poles, chemical barrels, bagged chemicals (soda ash, sodium bicarb, etc) can all become dangerous and destroyed if there are high winds and flooding. *Do NOT store items in pool.
  • Monitor your water level: If you expect high rainfall lower your water level to help from overflowing. *Do not drain past the bottom of skimmer. Do not drain pool! 
  • Protect the electric pool equipment: If you are expecting extreme bad weather, turn off all electric power to the swimming pool by the circuit breakers. This includes pumps, chemical controllers, chemical pumps, heaters, spray features, etc.  Make sure to wrap all electrical cords and plugs in waterproof plastic to make sure no water enters. 
  • Add extra chlorine to the pool: To prevent the water from turning green during the storm, add extra chlorine to the pool. *Make sure to Isolate the controller so the extra chlorine does not ruin your probes. Make sure no one is able to swim after you add extra chlorine to the pool. 

Controller & Chemical Pump Preparation 

Before the storm 

After the storm 

Isolate the controller to keep the probes in water. If you can not isolate controller or water does not stay in probe container remove probes and keep in water until after the storm. 

Do not open flow back to the controller until pool is balanced and debris free. You do not want to ruin probes.

Turn off electricity to controller and chemical pumps once pool is closed to swimmers. 

Before turning electricity back on- make sure there is no water in controller, in stenner head, in outlet and in plug where stenner’s connect to controller. 

If possible remove Stenners from outdoors and store inside. This can only happen if there is no backflow from pool. 

Connect stenners back to pool but make sure there is no water in plug when plugging back into controller. 

For CCH feeders outside- remove all tabs from feeder and secure feeder to keep from moving during high winds. Make sure CCH pump does not submerge underwater.

Re-install CCH feeder and add chlorine. Make sure CCH booster pump is completely dry before turning on. 


Download the information sheet HERE