Pool Chemical Safety- Storage

Pool chemicals are required to keep pools safe for swimming, however for operators, pool chemicals can be the most dangerous part of the job. *Only allow those who have been trained in pool chemical safety practices to handle pool chemicals

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Storage area of pool chemicals should have:

  • Spill containment
  • Easily accessible to chemicals, safety shower, eye wash stations, and protective equipment. 
  • Adequate lighting 
  • Well ventilated 
  • Personal protective equipment and SDS sheets. 
  • Locking to provide limited access. 

Chemical Packaging and labeling

  • Each chemical must have a label so that they can be identified. 
  • Packaging and labels can change depending on manufacturer. 
  • Container shape, color, and size can all change. 
  • If a chemical does not have a label do not use it. 

Chemical Storage 

  • Store pool chemicals in compliance with local or state building and fire codes.
  • Store pool chemicals below 95°F/35°C and in conditions recommended by the manufacturer (for example, low humidity and out of direct sunlight).
  • Protect stored pool chemicals from getting wet.
  • Protect individual stored chemicals from mixing together or with other substances by storing each pool chemical separately in a dedicated location and storing incompatible chemicals away from each other.
  • Store chemicals in original, manufacturer’s-labeled containers.
    • Consult with the chemical manufacturer if the container is damaged.
    • Dispose of deteriorating, unwanted, or unlabeled pool chemicals safely.
  • Protect pool chemicals from heat sources and flames.
    • Do not store possible ignition sources, particularly gasoline, diesel, or gas powered equipment  in the chemical storage area or pump room.
    • Do not smoke in the chemical storage area or pump room.
  • Prioritize good housekeeping in the chemical storage area and pump room. Do not allow rags, trash, debris, etc. to collect in the area.
  • Store and consume food and drinks away from pool chemicals.

Transporting Pool Chemicals

  • Check and tighten all pool chemical caps and lids. 
  • Secure pool chemicals 
  • Separate pool chemical from each other 

Dispose of empty pool chemical containers properly.