Removing Glass from Pool

We do not allow glass on pool decks. However, despite our best efforts, glass on pool decks occur on a regular basis. This leads to broken glass on pool decks and in pools. Here is what steps to take when glass eds up in the pool.

Small Bodies of Water: Spa, Kiddie Pool, Wader, etc..

  1. Close down pool
  2. Shut off Filter
  3. Drain pool completely empty
  4. Use shop vac to vacuum bottom of pool to make sure no glass remains
  5. Refill pool
  6. Balance Pool with proper chemicals
  7. Open pool

Larger Bodies of Water: Pools, Wave Pools, lazy rivers, etc.. 

  1. Close down pool
  2. Shut off the filter for at least 2 hours so all glass pieces can settle to the bottom of the pool. 
  3. If you have glass floating around the pool, use a large net to remove the glass. Make sure to do this from outside the pool.
  4. Vacuum the entire pool slowly- use large in and out movements the entire length of the pool. 
  5. Clean vacuum bag/basket check for glass
  6. Clean pump basket at filter pump and check for glass 
  7. Repeat Steps 4-6 until there is no glass in the vacuum basket or pump basket for at least 2 consecutive times 
  8. Turn filter back on
  9. Balance pool with proper chemicals
  10. Open pool



*Always handle glass with proper care.

*Draining the pool is always the safest way to remove glass.

*Keeping glass off the pool deck is the best way to keep glass from getting into the pool. 

*Err on the side of caution. If you think glass could be in the pool, treat the pool as if glass is in the pool.