Setting up Notifications in VivoPoint

Notifications can be set up to be received by email, text or both. Every manager/member can set up their own notifications and managers can set up notifications for members attached to their properties.

1) Log into VivoPOint 

2) Click on the property under location on the life side of the screen.

3) At the very top click on notifications 

4) Click on Use Defaults next to all bodies of water you would like to set up notifications for. This will bring the notification screen from gray to bright. *add new allows you to set up a new notification like manual readings. 

5) Once the notification screen is bright you will start to receive notifications. To edit the notification click on the pencil button under each notification. 

6) Customize your notifications to fit the needs of your property. This is also where you can change to text messages or both email and text messages. Make sure to press update after setting up your notifications. You will need to customize for every notification you want to receive. 

Contact Vivo Support for questions. 


Download PDF HERE