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What is the Water Safety Score?

What is the Water Safety Score? 

The water safety score is a metric used by VivoPoint to measure the long term safety of swimming pool water. The water safety score is calculated on a per body of water basis and a property level. 

Property Score: The average of all body of water's water safety score at a single property

Body of Water Score: The calculated score of each individual body of water. 



How is it calculated? 

The water safety score works by monitoring the amount of time the body of water is in and out of alarm. VivoPoint then takes this information and creates a percentage based score out of it. The score is reset and recalculated at the start of each month. These are the parameters that VivoPoint is watching for: 


ORP (if Chlorine sensor is not used) 



To better understand how the water safety score works we can review this example. 

Over the course of one month let's say 1000 readings were received from the chemical controller. Of those 1000 readings, 50 returned in alarm for chlorine, 20 returned in alarm for flow, and 30 returned in alarm for pH. In order to calculate the water safety score we use this simple formula: 

((All readings - Total alarms)  / All readings) x 100 

((1000 - 100) / 1000) x 100 = 90% 

For this example the water safety score displayed would be a 90. 


How can I improve my water safety score? 

The simplest way to improve the score is by looking for the lowest scoring bodies of water at your property and viewing them in VivoPoint. When viewing the body of water you will see a tab labeled “Alarms” on this alarms page you will be able to see the most frequently occurring alarms on your body of water displayed in a graph. 

For help solving alarms reference this chart:

Chlorine not dosing/ Chlorine Low

Chlorine Barrel/Container is empty

Chlorine injector is clogged

Probe Failure

Setpoints not set correctly

Stenner pump  needs a new tube

Stenner pump suction line fitting loose

Dosing limit too low

Powercycle needed

Acid not dosing/ pH High

Acid Barrel is empty

Probe Failure

Setpoints not set Correctly 

Stenner tube needs replaced

Dosing limit to low

Powercycle needed

No Flow 

Adjust sample flow valves to allow more flow

Backwash/clean filter if necessary

Clean controller pre-filter

Adjust differential pressure with bypass valve

Chlorine too high

Setpoints not set correctly

Too much chlorine going through feeder

Dosing limit too high

Adding chemicals by hand

pH too low

Setpoints not set correctly

Too much acid going through Stenner- turn down percentage

Dosing limit too high

Adding chemicals by hand.

Do offline controller readings affect my score? 

No, offline readings do not have a negative impact on your score. However, if your controller is frequently offline this will reduce the pool of readings available to calculate your score from.