What to Do if Your Pool is Closed But Still Circulating & Filtering? (Mechanical Room)

1.Turn off Heaters and Gas valves

2.Lower VFD/s to 50/60% for cost savings (if possible)

3.Adjust Valving as follows:

a.Open Main Drain 100%

b.Close Skimmer valve to 75%

c.Adjust Chemical Controller sample valves for proper flow across sensors and flow switch

d.Open pool return valves to 100%

4. Adjust Chemical Controller set points to maintain 2.0 ppm free chlorine and 7.5pH (Do not operate below a 1.5ppm free chlorine for Covid-19 prevention)

5. Chlorine injectors and feeders clean

6. Make sure to keep chemical vessels and feeders topped off

7. Daily - Inspect mechanical room to check for leaks or equipment issues

8. As needed - Backwash or clean filter/s

9. As needed - Keep Pump Baskets Clean